• The filthiest anthology ever is out: Dirty Dates

    Guess what came out just in time to brighten your bleak, chilly November? Dirty Dates - a new Cleis anthology about kinky couples and the positively filthy things they get up to.

    Response has been great; Amazon has almost a dozen glowing reviews and author Tasha L. Harrison wrote a beautiful blog post. I'm not going to list my favorite stories but I will say it's a strong collection and will please even erotica fans with more vanilla tastes. One thing Cleis does well is presenting kink collections that manage to be appealing to readers regardless of their personal inclinations; you don't have to be a spanko to enjoy a spanking story or be into bondage to like a hot tale of shibari in their anthologies.

    And hopefully you don't have to be a femdom aficionado to like my story, "The World in My Pants." This is about a domme who's had a falling out with her vain and beautiful sub; when he shows up at her favorite bar seeking forgiveness, she invites all of her friends to humiliate him in the women's room, then takes him into the alley for some handcuffed sex by a dumpster. Downton Abbey fanfic, it's not.

    But even if it's not your cup of domination tea, you'll probably like the other stories in Dirty Dates - stories of figging, exhibitionism, needles, corsets, blindfolds, begging and more. And of course the heart of BDSM - devotion, submission and the most exquisite pairings of cruelty and tenderness.

    You can find out more at.....

    And of course you can pick up the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other places.

    Happy reading! I'll post more on Best Women's Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica and other upcoming stories shortly.


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