• The British Library puts its "unsuitable material" from 1800s online

    Did you know the British Library has kept a "Private Case" of books too filthy to publish? The collection goes all the way back to 1658 with the book Rare Verities: the Cabinet of Venus Unlocked and Her Secrets Laid Open. It also includes - naturally - Fanny Hill, 19th century gay male porn, de Sade and 18th century directory of London sex workers. And I thought my tattered 1970's Fanny Hill paperback was old!

    These were shared with the public in the 1960's through the library's rare books collection, but now the books have been digitized and put online. The library staff says the collection "offers extraordinary insights into many facets of human sexuality over at least three centuries."

    Maybe PBS can come up with the funds to create some Masterpiece Theatre adaptations. Here's hoping.


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