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    The Big Book of Submission is out. I've blogged several times about it already, before even reading it. The title itself is evocative - it's faintly medieval and yet also suggests a black book of subs' phone numbers found in a domme's nightstand, or an image gallery of men kneeling at their mistress's feet. (My association; yours may vary.) Then there's the cover. (See below.) Plus Rachel Kramer Bussel curated the whole thing, which always skyrockets the anticipation factor.

    At long last I've finally read it.

    The book met my expectations in terms of being a hot read, but that's no surprise. What I appreciated were the different levels and forms of submission in the stories. Hollywood's depiction of BDSM and real-life D/s are very different animals, as any kinkster knows. It's usually not about leather catsuits and pain. True submission is a nuanced dynamic that can take many forms - it can be extreme, it can be tender, it can even be invisible to the casual onlooker. Sometimes just one word communicates a volume of need and complexity between a sub and a domme.

    These stories spin out a range of flavors, preferences and situations. Kay Jaybee's "Dear Sir" is a classic tale of pushing past one's fears and finding a reward; "Crush" by Giselle Renarde has a male slave in red panties and a mistress in stilettos; Marievie's "Takedown" has a male dom hunting his sub at a countryside fetish retreat, complete with a bondage barn; "Brazen" by Kathleen Delaney-Adams is violently beautiful with a story that blurs the line between possession, submission and love: "I forget everything but this feeling. I forget the parking lot, the queers around us entering and leaving the bar, the noise, the nervous rush I feel when you fuck me in public. I forget all of it, and work my mouth on you like it’s all I live for."

    I don't know how much my two stories succeeded in this way. It's always easy for me to write a femdom story and easier for me to write from the POV of a dominant man than a submissive woman. But I let my stories "Spider" and "The Prodigy" unfold naturally and both female subs went on the classic story journey, finding the courage and curiosity to experience something new - the desire to show off, the desire to be powerless, the desire to be used. And ultimately, the willingness to be changed by those experiences.

    It's often said that submission is a gift. I feel like domination can be just as much an act of generosity, and that both can also be thoughtless, greedy and one-dimensional. We're human. But it's undeniable that most good D/s is transformative, a ritual that changes you in the way that all good magic spells do. That thread of transformation runs through many of these stories, a message that it's not the floggers and rope burns and commands that comprise submission, but the internal gifts it leaves you with when the scene is done.

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