• Review: Best Women's Erotica of the Year vol. 2

    Any regular erotica reader has noticed that the number of anthologies has, well, dropped in recent years. Luckily CLeis Press has continued to regularly produce a few of their old standbys, namely Best Lesbian Erotica and Best Women's Erotica. Vol. 2 of the latter is now out and it's going to be of special interest this year.

    Why: a whole new crop of writers from last year. Anyone who appeared in vol. 1 (like me) was not allowed to submit for this collection, and the same applies for the upcoming vol. 3. So you're getting a fresh round of storiesand a higher likelihood of finding new scenes, new characters, new ideas - maybe that 1 story that seems like it sprang from your brain.

    That said, many of the authors are famililar to erotica fans: Corrine A. Silver, Annabeth Leong, Kay Jaybee and others popular writers have stories in this collection. The result is a book that's probably going to please almost anyone who reads it.

    My favorite stories:

    Silver's "Her Best" where a dominant woman takes on a drinking buddy and ropes him, making him "a caught thing in her web." While there are never enough femdom stories for my tastes, what makes this one especially good is its realism - there are no implausible bondage moves that will take a reader out of the story.

    T.C. Mill's "Phone Call, 3 AM" is incredible. Second person stories can be quite moving in erotica, done night, and Mill hits all the right notes in this eloquent, searing story.

    "At The End of the World" was another great tale - there's certainly a shortage of apocalyptic erotica in the world, and this MMF story of a woman and two men who find each other after a plague is pretty hot.

    Jaybee's "Brick Dust" is another great bondage story that is a master class in pacing. Hot, visceral and perfectly crafted to draw out the tension between the two characters.

    That's not to say the other stories weren't good, because not one was a snoozer. And with a range of situations - including cybersex, stranger sex, teacher & forrmer student sex - this volume of Best Women's Erotica has something for everyone.


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