• "Hotel" is out

    Ever since Cleis Press slowed down their publishing schedule, I know many erotica readers have been looking - hoping - for someone to pick up the slack. Yes, there's an ocean of self-pubbed erotica out there on Amazon but finding the gems among the garbage can be more work than it's worth.

    So you might be happy to hear about MoFo Pubs, a new publisher committed to bringing you literary erotica. Their new collection "Hotel" comes out Thursday, 15 June. And guess what - my story "Zero Gravity" is in it AND you can read it for free right here.

    It takes place in a hotel (obviously) that serves as an underground brothel for women, by women. I based it partly on the hostess and tom clubs of Japan and Thailand, but it's set in New York - specifically, in a seedy, rundown hotel in Hell's Kitchen. The book blurb reads, "Hotel. The very word conjures a sense of transience. Hotel takes you into a world without permanence. Between these pages, lovers meet and lovers part. Elegant, sensual prose takes you from grand ballrooms with lavish appointments to shabby heaps where you pay by the hour." That last part is probably in part about my story.

    There are quite a few erotic stories about anonymous sex or prostitution but they tend to center on men. I wanted to write a story from the POV of a woman paying for meaningless hookups and the liberation she finds in it.

    Here's the anthology table of contents:

    “The Witching Place” - Reiver Scott

    “Zero Gravity” - Valerie Alexander

    “Before Any God That Counts” - Zac Blue

    “My Body Is a Haunted House” - T.C. Mill

    “Breathing Underwater” - Sara Dobie Bauer

    “At the Crossroads” - J.S. Emuakpor

    “Easter, 1992” - Parker Marlo

    “Grey Bar Motel” - Arden Ellis

    “Rolling the Die” - Zac Blue

    “Black Silk, Red Ribbon” - Margot Sellers

    “In the Long Nights of Our Never Enough” - Christian Fennell

    “Tricks of the Trade” - Rhidian Brenig Jones

    “Play Date” - Rusty

    Happy reading.


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