• Excerpt from "Grindhouse"

    Today I'm up in the Best Lesbian Erotica blog tour. And that means traveling back in time to 1955 Times Square, where my story "Grindhouse" is set.

    I've always been fascinated by the world of pin-up girls and burlesque dancers from the 1940's-1960's, especially those years when mass-produced pornography was first being - very carefully - created. The "fighting girl" films of Irving Klaw and his obscenity trial are especially interesting, given that we now live in a world where people can schedule bondage dates through FetLife and buy leather dog masks on Amazon. Was it a more innocent time back then or was it actually naughtier, since so much was still taboo? Hard to say.

    My story "Grindhouse" centers around a burlesque dancer taking her first steps into the world of BDSM, courtesy of forbidden magazines, Times Square theatres and eventually, acting in bondage films herself.

    Back on the street, the Elysium Theatre entrance waits like an open, grinning mouth. Cat Fight Confidential! the marquee promises. Pyromania! The Elysium is one of the sleaziest theatres on the Deuce, crawling with hustlers and their scores in the balcony and plainclothes vice prowling the rows of seats. Supposedly a man got mugged in the restroom last week. But that doesn't stop me from handing my money to the girl behind the ticket booth glass.

    I settle in near the back. A black and white film set on a beach is playing, what they call a low-budget roughie. But just a few minutes later, a new film starts – these seems to be mostly brief film clips - and a flickering, black and white screen spells out Cat Fight Confidential.

    This film has no dialogue, just a merry instrumental tune. A blonde society girl is brushing her hair at the mirror. A maid sweeps in and they argue. The hairbrush is snatched back and forth a few times, and then the girls are pushing each other and wrestling all over the floor.

    I lean forward in my seat, scarcely able to breathe. The girls tumble energetically around the room until the maid gets fed up and pins the society girl on the bed, pulling off her dress while the society girls kicks and screams. I wait for them to grind against each other, for the maid to strip her naked. But she only brings the blonde down to the floor and pulls off her slip. The society girl twists and pouts in her bra and panties.

    The door flies open and a tall black-haired woman strolls into the scene. She moves with a swagger, a jungle cat with a menacing smile. She scolds them both with much finger wagging, then holds up a length of clothesline. I cross my legs, flushed and excited. She's going to strip them naked and tie them up. All my life I’ve burned with dreams like this, secret shameful fever dreams of naked girls in bondage, women who knew how to take charge.

    But the tall black-haired actress doesn’t pull off their clothes. Instead she swiftly bends the maid over the table - still in her uniform - and ties her hands to its legs, so the maid is stuck with her bottom sticking out. She ties the society girl to the other end of the table in the same position, then takes the hairbrush and begins spanking both of them with a smirk.

    A shivery thrill snakes down my spine. She's so dominant. So authoritative. My cunt feels hot and wet and swollen under my skirt.

    Best Lesbian Erotica is out now - and it's the 20th anniversary edition. Don't miss it.


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