• Dirty Dates cover and TOC are out

    It seems like some of the Cleis anthologies that have been on hold forever are starting to release. One is coming out in November; that would be Dirty Dates, whose cover describes it as "erotic fantasies for couples." That sounds rather soft-lit - but make no mistake, this collection is all about kink.

    Here's the promising Table of Contents:

    Introduction: Kinky Is as Kinky Does

    The Corset - Dorothy Freed

    The Swap - Jade A. Waters

    Slow Burn - Morgan Sierra

    The World in My Pants - Valerie Alexander

    Lying Down - Kathleen Delaney-Adams

    The Rabbit Trap - Nik Havert

    Closing Time - Elise Hepner

    A Thousand Miles Apart - Tilly Hunter

    Switch - Mina Murray

    The Birds and the Bees - Giselle Renarde

    Potluck - Alva Rose

    Magic Words - Emily Bingham

    Polka-Dot Dress - Erzabet Bishop

    Baby Steps - Justine Elyot

    On Location - D. L. King

    Well Lit - Sara Taylor Woods

    A Soundproof Room with a View - Leigh Edward Gray

    Recipe for Punishment - Jacqueline Brocker

    Cry to Me - Skylar Kade

    Needles - Kathleen Tudor

    Admitting It Is the First Step - Rachel Kramer Bussel

    My story "The World In My Pants" is unusual for me for 2 reasons. One: I had the title first (which I never do, I am a horrible titler and generally claw out something unsatisfying at the last second.) I didn't really care for it either, but in one of those weird writer-contracts you make with the universe, I felt like I had to use it for the story coming out of me. The other, more embarrassing, reason it's unusual: I made a really rookie mistake with this story and had a character with his hands cuffed behind him suddenly using his hands in front of him. Thank god someone at Cleis caught it. I normally am pretty tight with my continuity so this was quite the epic fail.

    The story itself is about a domme humiliating her disgraced boy sub via a group punishment in a dive bar women's room. So while it's about a couple, I wouldn't say this book is only for couples. Anyone can enjoy it and that goes for vanilla people too. As the introduction says, "There’s a sensual beauty to these stories that I believe will speak to those who practice kink in their lives and those who don’t, because in some ways the tenderness, the charge, the power shifting back and forth between partners, transcends kink. It speaks to ideals of worship, wonder, adoration—from both sides."

    I'll post an excerpt as we get closer to its release.


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