• Come Again is out

    It's here: a new book of sex toy erotica. Come Again is all about toys in all of their form and function, with a lineup of stellar authors with wild imaginations.

    Per the blurb: "In the latest collection from award-winning editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, sex toys bring couples, singles, and strangers to new heights of pleasure. The stories range from two couples who happen to share the same remote controlled device to some very hot rocks, a perfectly icy bed, a Superman dildo, and a day in the life of a very lucky vibrator. This fun collection gives you plenty of ideas for toys you'd like to try, and ones you wish someone would invent! From "The Secret Shopper" to "The Cure for the Common Lay," the stories in Come Again are best read with your favorite sex toy handy."

    "The Cure for the Common Lay" is my story, and it deals with anonymous sex and threeways in a fictional version of virtual reality - or, if you're an optimist, a future version. See the excerpt below.

    I haven't read the book yet so I can't provide much detail on other stories, but you can read Q&As with the authors here. A few upcoming events are scheduled - a Portland reading on 3 June, fall readings in San Francisco and Maine, and a Facebook release party on 14 April. I'll post more details when I have them.



    “There you are.”

    It’s my date. Dressed in a vaguely military uniform, twenty-five or so, black-haired and pretty. I straighten up in my black dress, leaving my breasts exposed. Now that we’re together, it doesn’t matter if my appearance morphs a bit, but suddenly I feel quite settled. I'm doing it. I'm mastering the "stay" as the doctors put it.

    I look at him. Deep tan, cocky grin, almond-shaped dark eyes. The stiff cock protruding from his uniform pants looks huge.

    “I’m Jack,” he says. "And you're hot.”

    "Let’s skip the small talk.” I take his hand and we set off to explore.

    This is a place where time is meaningless and desire is accelerated. Where strangers reach for each other in the electric-lit dark and refusals and acceptances are equally serene. We parade through the garden of sex dreams that is the Simulsphere. A thousand personal aphrodisiacs linger in the air, smells of cigarette smoke and raspberry lip gloss and gin and tonics. Americana scenes of a girl in a white bikini and red nail polish watching a very handsome boy take off his baseball uniform. A seraglio of naked men on silk couches. People fucking in mid-air like naked acrobats. Images flicker in suspension: real scenes from porn movies and regular blockbuster movies where the characters strip down and turn to each other. There are some virtual pros here tonight who know exactly how to manifest and hold their desired scenes. And flickering in and out, half-consciously, a phantasmagoria of blurred memories and associations running through the minds of the bodies twisting and fucking around us.

    Jack and I pass a brick alley where a woman in an eighteenth-century petticoats is being ravished by pirates. A redhead in a purple dress walking five leashed men, who crawl on all fours beside her. A gang bang in a bar. It's never going to end.

    You’re becoming overwhelmed. If you’d like to move from spectator to participant, we suggest finding one area of interest and focusing on it, says the overhead but I ignore the doctors because Jack and I have already spotted something: a vibrant turquoise glow. It’s a pool. But from the people inside it, we know it’s not water so much as an aquatic substance moving as waves of light.

    I wade into it in my dress. Despite being tight black leather, the dress now floats up around my waist like crinoline, showing off my legs, my pussy, all of which are perfect, and I begin to understand the possibilities. Forget physics and physical limitations, we're all here to transcend. This is a world that collaborates.

    I turn to Jack, only to find him dressed now in a white t-shirt and jeans. Just a normal guy, but a very good-looking one as he pushes back his wet black hair with a smile. He waded in too, and his nipples show through his wet white shirt. I take his pants down by running two fingers down his hips.

    The pool is wired with extra conductivity - begins the overhead.

    “Shut up. Don’t talk to me again unless necessary.” I pull Jack deeper into the pool by his cock.

    Oh god. It’s like magic, like the best vibrator in the world is inside my skin and unleashing euphoria into my every cell. No sex is necessary, I think, but then Jack reaches for my breasts and my skin fills with fire for him.

    We dive into the deep. There’s no oxygen here to bring us up to the surface, so we entwine like long-lost lovers, arms and legs holding each other in this weightless aquatic dream. His mouth is hot on me in the cool water, his hands touching my clit with electric intensity. Kissing a stranger underwater is endlessly absorbing. I wrap my hands around his cock and he pulls back to give in to the sensation, his black hair waving toward me in the water. Eyes closed, he looks like an ocean god. I make my hands hotter, change the texture of my fingertips, and he opens his mouth and howls in a primitive sound that travels through the pool.


    Come Again is on sale now at Amazon and will be at other retailers in the next few days.


Twitter: @Vaxder


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