• Cleis wants to toy with you this spring

    It's still 2 months out from releasing, but we have a cover and TOC for Come Again - an anthology of sex toy erotica from Cleis Press.

    In this book, "sex toys" go beyond silicone devices in rainbow colors. The stories in Come Again do include traditional vibrators and nipple clamps, but they also offer dolls, bikes, orgasm machines, vegetables, ice, and other toys both store-bought and homemade - proving "anything can become a sex toy in the right hands," in the words of editor Rachel Kramer Bussel. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that.

    The toy in my story "The Cure for the Common Lay" is virtual reality - a fictional, futuristic version, that is. This isn't Oculus Orgy but rather a collaborative, interactive VR environment that probably won't exist in real life for quite some time. A woman who's an early tech adopter (and bored with real life hookups) participates in a trial for a giant virtual play party. Guests can be any gender, age or appearance they want and can interact with the environment and each other merely by concentrating elements into existence - whether they're increasing the sensitivity of their skin or changing into a corset or manifesting their favorites fantasies.

    I feel like that sounds kind of complicated and dry. Trust me, there's lots of sex in it. Including a prolonged underwater threeway where nobody has to breathe because, you know, it's virtual.

    Onto what you really want to know - the stories and the authors. The exciting Table of Contents is:

    Dare You To - Jillian Boyd

    The Prototype - Malin James

    Icy Bed - J. Crichton

    Surprise - Katya Harris

    The Superman Dildo - E. Bellamy

    Lost and Pounded - Zee Giovanni

    In the Pink - Rob Rosen

    Dalia’s Toy - Corrine A. Silver

    Vegetable Love - Susan St. Aubin

    The Cure for the Common Lay - Valerie Alexander

    Claws Out - Rachel Kramer Bussel

    Sex Kitten - Errica Liekos

    Standard of Care - Sybil Rush

    Bikery - Oliver Hollandaize

    Pencil Dick - Kathleen Delaney-Adams

    A Tale of Two Toys - Chris Komodo

    Prickles - Elizabeth Coldwell

    Gift - Dena Hankins

    Get Your Rocks Off - Jocelyn Dex

    Byrd and the Bees - Kamala St. Deeds

    The Secret Shopper - Kitten Boheme

    Must Love Dolls - Giselle Renarde

    Sex Sells - Adriana Ravenlust

    My Life as a Vibrator - Livia Ellis

    Come Again comes out in April. I leave you with the adorable cover.


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