• Candy Lovers is out

    It's here: the sweetest (literally) erotica anthology you will ever read. Rachel Kramer Bussell has published Candy Lovers, a collection of 35 stories that all revolve around something sugary. Just look at the titles in the TOC below; you'll see mention of ice cream, cupcakes, honey, candy apples, chocolate, cinnamon, mulled wine, bananas and well, you get the idea.

    (The title of my story "Heaven on a Saturday Night" doesn't give up its subject, which is red velvet cake as a player in a BDSM double dom/kitchen sub scene. Cake sitting, spankings, 3 ways and spatulas, it's all there.)

    While I'm a terrible cook, I'm a very good baker - enough that people will ask me to bake for their parties and events. In recent years I've tried to master gluten free baking, being a health conscious sort, but that's basically been a failed endeavor. I always come back to the classics and nothing pleases me like making the perfect Star Wars cake or almond cookie. So I was thrilled when Rachel asked me to submit something for this anthology. As she puts it, "If you ask me, sex and candy have a lot in common. Both can make us lose our minds a little, getting into a frenzy where all we care about is tasting it, swallowing it, having it that very moment. Sex and candy make us reckless, wanton, hungry, horny."

    To see what you'll be reading, the Table of Contents is:

    Six Layers of Sweetness by Donna George Storey

    Turkish Delight by L. Elise Bland

    Cinnamon Secrets by Radclyffe

    Ice Cream That Never Melts by S├ękouWrites

    Phone, Sex, Chocolate by Emily L. Byrne

    Old-Fashioned Fudge by Tsaurah Litzky

    Mulled Wine by Dominic Santi

    Squirrel Nuts by Debra Hyde

    Sugar on Snow by Sacchi Green

    Frosted by Kristina Wright

    Just Like Candy by Michele Zipp

    Forbidden Fruit and Honey by Salome Wilde

    Other Girls by R. Gay

    Cling by Tenille Brown

    Box of Colors by Jordan Monroe

    Sugar High by Drew Griffiths

    Business Trip by Charlie Powell

    How I Learned to Love Making Strawberry Jam by Dale Cameron

    Lowry Sweet Tooth by Giselle Renarde

    Heaven on a Saturday Night by me

    Sugar Thing by Sommer Marsden

    Lemonade by Melina Greenport

    Out of the Park by Emerald

    Cuberdons by Elizabeth Coldwell

    Azucar by Martha Garvey

    Banana Afternoon by Jolene Hui

    Sugar Mama by Rachel Kramer Bussel

    Green Chili Chocolate by Ashera Alba

    Rosehips Are Red by Cheyenne Blue

    Concessions by Ginny Wylder

    De La Rosa by Jules Thorne

    Kneading by Shanna Germain

    Peppermint Delight by Michelle Houston

    The Fat Box by Jelly Knowles

    Cupcake by Stan Kent

    You can find out more about the book on Facebook or buy the book at these places:


Twitter: @Vaxder


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