• Best Lesbian Erotica 2015: Review

    Best Lesbian Erotica 2015 came out a few months ago but I just got around to reading it. Laura Antoniou is at the helm this time and she picked a fantastic range of stories – instead of reading the same voice over and over and over, the reader is very aware that they’re moving through a kaleidoscope of emotional perspectives, sexual preferences and settings. When Antoniou calls erotica “an unmooring from reality,” she isn’t kidding; all of these stories have the ability to transport the reader out of the mundane and into a beautiful escape. But as a collection, they present a tour de force that is mindblowing.

    My favorites are too many to list, but I have to call attention to the three below if only because they each have such a unique voice in comparison to each other:

    “Kristie’s Game” by Alexandra Delancey, about a bar bathroom hookup with a straight girl (or is she?)

    “Behrouz Gets Lucky” by Avery Cassell, an absolutely stunning meditation on dreaming and finding lust and love when it’s least expected. This story undid me.

    Then we have “Girlz in the Mist” by Cammy May Hunnicutt – a story about a straight woman’s visit to a lez bathhouse, described as “A magical world that just wraps you up and does away with you, until there’s nothing left but a throb and a glow.”

    Here’s an excerpt:

    A tall ash blond with a thick waist-length Scandinavian braid moved up behind the black woman loving up my crotch, straddling across her shoulders as she took my face in her hands and started moving her lips around on it. Licking inside my ears, sucking on my nose, teasing a tongue between my lips. She leaned into me, pressing the squeezing hands harder onto my boobs. An unseen woman embraced me from my other side, her hand sliding down the crack of my ass and a long-nailed finger, slick with some sort of lube that had a wintergreen tang to it, delicately inserted itself into my anus. Another pair of hands slipped up my inner thighs and buried a pair of thumbs all the way into my pussy, where they twiddled and danced to a different drum.

    I was surrounded by women, all touching me, pressing against me, handling and possessing me. The insertions and caresses were building up a fire in my loins, as they say, the sheer strangeness and “strangerness” of it making it that much more exciting. I was allowing unknown, even unseen, people to take liberties with me that I would have denied a lot of lovers. I was tolerating my own violation, erasing something individual about myself. And I had the help of many willing hands.

    I was getting light-headed but realized I was being turned, rotated around my spine. My feet had left the floor. I spread my arms wide and tossed my head back, my hair falling onto the heads of my idolaters. I rotated and rose, my own personal cirque du soleil crucifixion. I hung at shoulder height in the depthless fog, my legs spread wide. I felt lips on my labia, a tongue exploring my vulva. There were two fingers socketing in and out of my asshole. There must have been six hands on my breasts, four more squeezing my buttocks. God knows how many more all over e, supporting me, but sliding around like snakes or otters. It was like having a barrel of hands and lips poured all over me, like hanging under a shower tap of liquid flesh.

    Best Lesbian Erotica 2015 is available now from Cleis Press and Amazon.


    • 1. Jul 6 2015 6:42PM by Avery Cassell

      I'm positively blushing. Thanks for the wonderful words about my story; I'm glad to hear that it undid you. That is very, very gratifying! I just finished expanding Lucky and Behrouz's tale into a novel, and am looking for a publisher. Hopefully it will be published sometime next year.

    • 2. Jul 6 2015 11:08PM by photuris

      Can't wait to read it. It truly was an epic story.


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