• Best Lesbian 2016 stories announced

    Have you been waiting impatiently for more Cleis anthologies? I know I have - both as a reader and a writer, given that I have stories over 2 years old still waiting to release. But we do have a new collection coming out and it's none other than Best Lesbian Erotica 2016 - which happens to be the 20th anniversary edition.

    Onto the glorious Table of Contents:

    Dust - Rose de Fer

    Ascension - Louise Blaydon

    Tomato Bondage - Teresa Noelle Roberts

    The Royalty Underground - Megan McFerren

    Reunion Tour - Harper Bliss

    Hot Blood - D. L. King

    Make Them Shine - Sossity Chiricuzio

    Tears from Heaven - Jean Roberta

    Luscious and Wild - Sinclair Sexsmith

    Smorgasbord - R. G. Emanuelle

    A Professional - Rose P. Lethe

    Easy - Anna Watson

    Grindhouse - me

    Give and Take - Annabeth Leong

    Mirror, Mirror - Frankie Grayson

    The Road to Hell - Cheyenne Blue

    The Further Adventures of Miss Scarlet - Emily L. Byrne

    Something kind of cool: editor Sacchi Green had a story in the first volume of BLE in 1996. And she has some interesting things to say about story selection.

    "The idea of “best” for me includes “different,” whether it’s a brand-new treatment of a familiar theme, a way with language that makes the words dance to an inspired beat, or a plot I’ve never seen before. Beyond those, each story has to contribute to a balance in the work as a whole, which should include a variety of themes, settings, voices, tone, and diversity of ages, ethnicities and physical attributes. Above all, “best” should mean original ideas, vividly drawn settings, creative imagery, fully developed, believable characters (even if occasionally that requires readers to suspend disbelief for the sake of arousal), and, of course, plenty of steamy sex, with intensely erotic scenes that flow naturally from the story as a whole, ranging from vanilla to BDSM to edgy frontiers that defy classification."

    My story "Grindhouse" travels through time back to 1950s Times Square, to a world of burlesque girls, grindhouse theatres and Irving Klaw-type bondage films. I'm fairly obsessed with that period of time so naturally I wrote a story about a burlesque dancer who finds a way to break out of the standard butch/femme world of queer Village life, and explore her BDSM interests through acting in what then passed as porn.

    According to Amazon, it releases in February - however, there will be the usual New York reading on December 17 at "Drunken Careening Writers." Stay tuned.


Twitter: @Vaxder


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