• Teasers Audiobook is Out

    Did you get a chance to read Erotic Teasers?

    Because if you prefer to listen rather than read, the Erotic Teasers audiobook is out now on Audible.

  • The British Library puts its "unsuitable material" from 1800s online

    Did you know the British Library has kept a "Private Case" of books too filthy to publish? The collection goes all the way back to 1658 with the book Rare Verities: the Cabinet of Venus Unlocked and Her Secrets Laid Open. It also includes - naturally - Fanny Hill, 19th century gay male porn, de Sade and 18th century directory of London sex workers. And I thought my tattered 1970's Fanny Hill paperback was old!

    These were shared with the public in the 1960's through the library's rare books collection, but now the books have been digitized and put online. The library staff says the collection "offers extraordinary insights into many facets of human sexuality over at least three centuries."

    Maybe PBS can come up with the funds to create some Masterpiece Theatre adaptations. Here's hoping.

  • Erotic Teasers is out!

    It's here at last, the anthology about delayed gratification that you never knew you needed. Erotic Teasers came out a few days ago and you can get your copy here or here. And you can see what they're saying about it on Goodreads too.

    I finally read my author copy and I'll say this: the stories have a lot of variety, as I feel a good anthology should. No matter what you're into, I think you'll find something you like.

  • Teasers is out Feb 12

    Baby, it's cold outside! Well, for some people. If you're living in one of the areas that's currently -20 below, you may be looking for something to warm up your nights - so you'll be glad to know Cleis is releasing a new Erotic Teasers anthology February 12.

    The name probably gives you an accurate idea of the subject: "From orgasm denial to remote control panties, these characters are made to wait--and they love every minute. From dominant/submissive relationships to futuristic settings, they have perfected the thrill of teasing, taunting, and exerting control over their partners, who may protest but really relish being made to hold off until they're given permission. Whether teasing as part of a BDSM scene, onstage at a theater, or via modern technology, these men and women ache with yearning."

    I think my story is the aforementioned futuristic setting. Don't worry, this isn't George Jetson fanfic. "The Hanging Gardens of Babylon" is set in the near future when brothels have been legalized and offer a variety of skilled performers. If you've ever worked in the performing arts, you know how competitive it can get - and "Babylon" is the story of a top female bondage artist going up against her two male rivals in a MMMFpansexual group scene that gets out of hand.

    The collection has stories from talented scribes like Elizabeth Coldwell, Richard Bacula, Tiffany Reisz and more so you know you don't want to miss it. You can get it here.

  • Best Lesbian Erotica Tour

    Welcome to my stop on the Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year blog tour. Hopefully you've been able to follow along with some of the other authors' posts; if not, I've listed them all below.

    A little about my story "Ninjutsu," which opens the collection. I wrote this story a really long time ago (2013?) and sold it right away for an anthology that was never published. It hung out in limbo for 3 years and then we finally got word the book wasn't happening, and all stories were freed. I submitted for the most recent call for BLE and it finally found its forever home.

    What it's about: a woman with a jones for anonymous sex. Anonymous plane sex being her favorite. There's a world of difference between a long daytime flight and an international red-eye night flight, especially when you feel like you're the only one awake on the plane. Our thoughts go to so many interesting places - and this story goes exactly where you think it does.

    Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year comes out today, so don't miss it - it's the perfect reprieve from your hectic holiday schedule. You can get it here. You can also check out a nice review or two.

    And don't miss the rest of the blog tour... if you comment here or on another post, you're eligible to win a copy of the book.

    December 1

    Sacchi Green

    December 2

    Pascal Scott

    The Night Shift

    December 3

    R. D. Miller - Perfume

    December 4

    T.C. Mill - Fearless

    December 5

    Victoria Janssen - Still Marching

    December 6

    Anna Watson - Sweet of My Heart

    December 7

    R.G. Emanuelle - The Auction

    December 8

    Scout Rhodes - Morning Fog

    December 9

    Emily L. Byrne - Rainbow’s End

    December 10

    Mags Hayward - Yin and Yang

    December 12

    Xan West - Trying Submission

    December 13

    M. Birds - Where There’s Smoke

    December 14

    Raven Sky - Fuck Me Like a Canadian

    December 15

    Sommer Marsden - Hush


    December 16

    Lea Daley - Rules

    December 17

    Nan Barret - Oliver: Twisted

    December 18

    Nat Burns - Jani-Lyn’s Dragon

  • It's a Best Lesbian Erotica Extravaganza

    We're just minutes from December, which means that it's the season for snowflakes, Christmas cookies, crowded stores and hot sapphic tales. Yes, Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, vol. 3, is about to come out on December 11 - and there's quite a lot going on.

    Such as we (authors and fearless editor Sacchi Green) will be talking about the book in the Facebook group LesFic on Saturday, December 8 at 9 a.m. PST. / Noon EST. I know that's a bit early for we.West Coast girls but please drop in and say hi. I'm not on Facebook but I will make an appearance through a friend's account.

    Some of us (not me) will be at the annual Drunken Careening Writers reading as well. That's on December 20 at KGB Bar at 85 East 4th Street, New York. I always want to go to this but I never can because I fly into NY a few days later for Christmas every year. At any rate, it'll be a good time.

    Finally, both Publisher's Weekly and Library Journal weighed in with reviews. The verdict: Library Journal loved the collection, Publisher's Weekly was more reserved with their praise. Both had nice things to say about my story "Ninjutsu": PW called it "a strong opener made of pure mile-high anonymous sex fantasy" and LJ said, "Valerie Alexander’s dark, heady “Ninjutsu” serves as a phenomenal introduction, as an unnamed narrator with aerial fantasies searches hungrily for a mile-high club companion on her flight to Hawaii."

    Not until I read those reviews did I realize my inexplicable failure to use the phrase "mile high" even once in a story about airplane sex.

    Oh, and we'll be kicking off a blog tour in December. And if you comment on any of the posts, you'll be entered to win an ebook copy of the anthology! Here are the dates:

    December 1: Sacchi Green at

    December 2: Pascal Scott at

    December 3: R. D. Miller at

    December 4: T.C. Mill at

    December 5: Victoria Janssen at

    December 6: Anna Watson at

    December 7: R.G. Emanuelle at TBD

    December 8: Scout Rhodes at

    December 9: Emily L. Byrne at

    December 10 : Mags Hayward at

    December 11: Me, right here

    December 12: Xan West at

    December 13: M. Birds at TBD

    December 14: Raven Sky at

    December 15: Sommer Marsden at TBD

    December 16: Lea Daley at

    December 17: Nan Barret at

    December 18: Nat Burns at

    You'll notice a lot of the sites given are Sacchi's; some of those may be updated as we move forward.

    You can pre-order the book here.

  • Dark Rainbow is out

    You can get it on Amazon and the Riverdale Ave Books site.... And you can also read a nice review from Drew Rowsome, who said my story "riffs on Arsenic and Old Lace, Grey Gardens, Tennessee Williams and adds an exceptionally hot lesbian seduction scene. Subverting the southern gothic in a delightful but far from comic way."

    Happy Halloween!



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